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Often, one may only seek out the aid of a chiropractor after a work or auto injury. However, chiropractic care as a form of regular maintenance can have its advantages. Here are a few ways that getting periodic chiropractic care can help you. More questions? Give Cottage Grove Family Chiropractic a call at 608-839-5787.

Improves Mood
Regular chiropractic care helps our central nervous system, which in turn can help mood, especially for dysregulated moods related to inflammation. The CNS is responsible for hormone levels in our body chemistry so adjustments may help regulate that system into balance.

Better Immune Function
Adjusting subluxations, or joint misalignments, can help unblock information pertaining to your system’s immune functions. It is a great way to boost your body’s own natural defense system, allowing you to recover faster and completely.

Better Sleep
Do you normally sleep better after an adjustment? There’s a reason for that. Without the pain and stress on your body, your quality of sleep improves which will allow for a better, deeper sleep leading to a more refreshed morning.

Lowered Stress Levels
By correcting misalignments, the spine and muscle structure can help relieve stress on the body. There is less tension and your brain will relax more because there is less stress to deal with. This reduction of stress levels can have a tremendous effect on you.

Posture Improvement
As regular adjustments begin to realign your body systems, correcting curves and changing your posture and balance, you’ll see a real improvement in how you feel.  By correcting posture and bringing the body into balance, neck pain and issues are at a minimum.

At Cottage Grove Family Chiropractic we do spinal, cranial, and extremity adjustments so that your body is in prime condition. Give our office a call today at 608-839-5787.  

Dr. Christiansen is also certified in nutritional counseling and works with Standard Process a leading producer of whole food-based nutrition since 1929.

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